Monthly Specials

We are very proud to showcase the 2016 Project M “Schlüssel” Riesling as our very special add-on to the August wine club allocation! ($26/bottle)
First off, everything you think you know about Riesling is wrong.  Riesling (on the world stage), is not syrupy, sticky, sweet sludge in a pretty bottle mainly consumed by people named Gertrude or Mildred.  Yes, that product exists on the market… we’ve all had it….. no judgment.

The Project M Riesling is absolutely as good as it gets for Oregon Rieslings. The owners Meg and Jerry Murray have come back home to their Oregon roots to make amazing wines from locally sourced fruit.  You’ve heard of Chehalem, right?  This fruit came from Chehalem’s vineyard, Corral Creek.   Meg and Jerry are well on their way to becoming major players in the international wine market.  Yes, they are friends.  Yes, we totally called in a favor to be able to present their Riesling to you, our beloved club members!

Jerry’s tasting notes are better than anything that I could come up with so I’m going to borrow heavily from what he sent to me about this wine: “Delicate aromas of citrus peel, peach, and stone fill the glass. Energetic but highly polished acidity immediately announces, “Prepare for a dry wine experience”. Fruits, citrus and stone, emerge in the mid pallet along with a steely minerality. The finish is a long showing of candied lemon and orange peels.”

What does one do with the best Riesling in Oregon?  Good question club members!  You buy a few bottles and store some and drink some.  A dry Riesling is divine with Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine.  Some folks really love Riesling with seafood and Thanksgiving dinner but I greatly prefer anything with an Asian influence. High-quality Riesling, over time,  will develop notes of petrol on the nose.  I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they’ve experienced this nuance and have thrown out the bottle because it smelled like gas.  In fact, they’ve hit the Riesling jackpot and didn’t know it!