Spicy Sweet Potato Salad

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad

Serves: 8 or more

Time: 3 hours

Prep: 20 minutes

Active time: 30 minutes


There’s nothing wrong with plain roasted sweet potatoes, even with some marshmallows on top if you must, but you and the other guests at your Thanksgiving table deserve a break. Or at least an alternative. And unlike those, this gets better the longer it sits and is even good for you.

6 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut

  into 1” cubes

3 jalapeños, sliced ¼” thick and

  divided into two halves

3 Tbsp. oil, preferably peanut

1 Tbsp. kosher salt

1 tsp. ground white pepper

2 Tbsp. minced fresh ginger

3 Tbsp. lime juice

1 bunch cilantro with stems, coarsely


Coarse salt to taste


Preheat oven to 450˚. Toss sweet potato pieces and half of the sliced jalapeños with peanut oil, salt, and white pepper. Distribute evenly on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes. You want them tender but not soft, so check them frequently after 15 minutes to make sure you don’t overcook them. The texture of firm cooked carrots is what you’re going for here, otherwise they’re going to turn into mush.


While still hot from the oven, toss with the remaining jalapeños, ginger, and lime juice. If you want to add a little minced garlic or shallot at this point, go nuts, but it’s not necessary. Refrigerate for at least two hours, stirring every half hour or so to make sure everything gets evenly marinated. If it looks a little dry, toss with a touch more peanut oil. Taste for seasoning, and toss with the cilantro. Garnish with a little coarse salt if desired.


This recipe is versatile enough to pair nicely with any of the wines in the bag!